Our consultations

The herbiary offers face to face and online consultations with a focus on holistic approaches to health and wellness. The practice of herbal medicine utilises medicinal properties found in botanicals to heal an array of health conditions. An integrative approach consisting of herbal preparations, vitamin and mineral support, lifestyle counselling and nutritional guidance may be prescribed to restore and maintain your wellbeing.

Initial Consult $110, 60 - 90 minutes
This type of consultation is for new clients. During this consultation, our herbalist Maddison will ask a range of questions relating to your physical and emotional wellbeing to help uncover any areas within your body that may need some love and attention.  An individualised treatment plan will be formulated that aims to support your long term goals.

Follow Up Consult $90,
40 minutes
A follow up consultation is usually recommended 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation. This appointment allows time to assess your current health status, make any needed changes to the treatment plan, and refill or alter dispensary scripts.

Acute Consult $35,
20 minutes
This type of consultation is designed to treat clients experiencing acute conditions for example, colds/flus or a recent injury . A range of questions will be asked and a treatment plan is formulated and prescribed accordingly.

Discounts on consultations are provided to student and concession card holders.